a hero

Welcome to the most wonderful and meaningful journey of your life

The Journey to your new - self

Do you dare to explore the unknown?

School of heroes

You are unsatisfied, you feel your life is boring.

You feel empty, and you have tried everything in order to be fulfilled. 

┬┐What if the ordinary life is not for you?

This is a journey to the unknown parts of your inner self

A journey to conquer your dreams, let go your fears and to experience true freedom.

We give you the roadmap, you have to walk.

In order to live an extraordinary life you have to make non-ordinary decisions 

You know normal is boring, but you also know that trying to change in the outside only is not the solution.

Maybe you got your dreamy house, or got that level of comfort that you wanted. You did go to beautiful places, got money, but you feel that something is missing.

That deep sense of meaning.

You want to take risks, enjoy everyday and feel alive.

This journey is from the inside-out.

Requires courage and braveness to explore the deepest and unknown parts of yourself.


of heroes

Make a creative life for yourself, getting rid of your limiting beliefs

Unlearn to relearn.

Decondition yourself and unleash all your power.

You can create a life that you love, driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear. 

You can live a life full of adventures, meaning, and grow spiritually in every step.

Regain the glint of joy in your eyes, the enthusiasm of living another day, and the courage to live your dreams.

Are you ready to open yourself to a new adventure in your life?

You'll become the hero that lives courageously, driven by purpose. 

A hero that enjoys life and doesn't try to bypass the obstacles and tests of the journey because they are the best way to grow. 

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell

Experience true inner freedom

Discover the kingdom of emotions, the world of mirrors, the land of the 4 powers (where you'll learn to unblock limiting beliefs, to integrate your shadow, to live here and now and where you will find your north)  and experience the stages of the hero's journey step by step.

Connect with your authentic self.

You will feel the magic of life every minute and expand your limits to experience true inner freedom.

Purpose/ Unblock limiting beliefs/ Integrate shadow/ Here and now

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